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ACA connects your expertise with the right resources and connections to fuel your competitive edge.  Questions about ACA membership? Contact ACA Membership Director Sarah Dickey or phone 913-894-4700. 

ACA Membership Types and Eligibility

Active Angel Groups
Forming Angel Groups
Accredited Platforms
Family Offices

Not sure how which membership connection is your best fit?

Contact Sarah Dickey and we will help get you started.

Individual Investor

Investors that are not a member of an ACA angel group are invited to join ACA. If you are member of an ACA angel group you are already a member. Connect here to access your benefits.

Active Angel Group (Full Member)

Forming Angel Group (Provisional Member)

  • Provisional group membership is available for new angels groups (networks or funds) that are just getting started and have the good faith intent to meet the criteria for full membership within 12 months. Groups already making investments should consider Full Membership. 

    Provisional group membership submission requires: 

    • Completed application
    • Receipt of annual member dues starting at $1200

Accredited Platforms

  • Online equity marketplace platforms comprised of accredited investors are invited to join ACA. 

    • Criteria, membership dues and terms
    • Member Benefits
    • Group rates including seats for select investors start at $5250

Family Offices

  • ACA welcomes Family Offices to join the ACA member community.

    Unique annual membership experience packages start at $1200.


  • Organizations committed to the formation of new angels, angel organizations and enhancing the success of existing angel investing groups as well as those funding early stage companies as a collaboration partner with angels are invited to fully participate with the ACA community via our Affiliates program.  Affiliate membership is not for companies that offer products or services to the early stage investor or entrepreneurial community.  ACA’s Partner Program is directed at meeting the needs of this important stakeholder group.

    Affiliate group submission requires: 

    • Completed application
    • Receipt of annual dues starting at $1200

    ACA Code of Conduct