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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 

Ten Reasons You Can’t Miss ACA 2021 – The Summit of Angel Investing

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director

10. It fits into your life, nicely. The event features interactive sessions, over three days with plenty of down-time – a chance to learn and grow that’s remarkably easy on the schedule. 

9.  Location, Location, Location. Relax in your own home while you soak up the latest insights about the dynamic, changing landscape for angels around the globe. 

8.  The immersive, multi-week ACA Angel University is virtual, too, and will start on May 17 – and you’ll save if you sign up during your ACA 2021 – The Summit of Angel Investing registration.

7.  You’ll meet and engage with dozens of experts and other angel investors, with small group chats and roundtable discussions about topics that matter. Plus, we’ll have virtual happy hours and crowd-sourced discussion groups for low-key and high-comfort networking.

6.  ACA 2021 features critical topics, like increasing returns, identifying new opportunities, improving due diligence, equitable economies, and exit strategies.

5.  Experience an all-new way to celebrate angel investing and the power of company support!  The ACA Innovation Funders Showcase on May 3 will present promising portfolio companies in an intimate setting and the chance to connect with these innovative organizations in private meetings during the Summit on May 4-6th.

4.  ACA 2021 – The Summit of Angel Investing features a highly experienced program committee. Together, these nine individuals boast hundreds of years of experience growing start-ups in multiple sectors. This diverse group has held the highest positions possible in corporations and organizations all over the world – and now, they are joining forces to create the angel investing event of the year.

3. The attendee list includes prolific angel investor experts and dynamic ecosystem providers who are ready to connect.  Although we do not have the in-person coffee stand or cookie buffet, we do have dedicated space in our agenda for you to find colleagues before the event and plan to meet up with them online.

2.  ACA makes it easy to get comfortable with the virtual Summit experience with a sneak peek.  ACA is delivering a quick, easy-to-follow webinar that will help attendees get familiar with the virtual conference platform. It is simple and intuitive to navigate, but we know that some of you might appreciate a sneak peek and a chance to get familiar with the environment before the conference begins. Attend this preview session on April 29 to get networking and learning tips and tricks, build your own agenda, and more. This webinar is limited to attendees only.

1.  Here’s the bottom line: Angels shine when the stakes are high – join us to expand your network of trusted partners, increase deal flow and syndication, discuss the changing face of angel investing, and soak up actionable insights from the experts at the angel community’s flagship event.

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