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ACA Announces Columbus, Ohio as Site of 2024 Summit of Angel Investing


10/01/2023 – The Angel Capital Association (ACA), the world’s largest association of angel investors, has announced that Columbus, Ohio will host its 2024 Summit of Angel Investing. The three-day flagship event brings together new and experienced angel investors and business leaders from around the country to explore critical topics facing the angel investing community.

Central Ohio has become a thriving tech hub with an active high-growth startup scene and companies, like Google and Intel, announcing major investments in Columbus. As the site of a prior ACA Leadership Workshop event, Columbus set records for attendance and local sponsorship support that still stand today.

“The Ohio community has been a strong supporter of economic growth through early-stage investing, and we know that’s why Columbus is the premier location for our annual global summit,” said Dr. Ronald Weissman, Chair of the Angel Capital Association Board of Directors. “The ACA Summit provides a forum for angel investors to share best practices, discuss the impact of regulatory changes, and, above all, become better angels that improve outcomes for all stakeholders of startup ecosystems everywhere.”

The 2024 ACA event will be chaired by Melinda Gloriosa and Parker MacDonell, executives and angel fund leaders from Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures, the venture studio that helps entrepreneurs and corporates accelerate innovation.

“Rev1’s focus is on building community connections to help spur startup growth and scale businesses in our region, and the ACA shares our commitment to offering more opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to engage in meaningful ways,” said Gloriosa, Managing Director at Rev1 Ventures and co-chair of the 2024 summit. “As a host of this important event, we know this is a critical place for businesses and the vibrant angel investor community to connect and engage.”

“The Columbus region is recognized as a leader in startup activity, and it’s because of the unique ecosystem that brings together organizations, like the ACA, that understand how to invest in and accelerate innovation through strategic partnerships,” said Tom Walker, CEO of Rev1 Ventures and founding director of the ACA. “Angel investors are truly the lifeblood of any strong ecosystem, and we know it’s critical to continuing to support growing businesses in the right ways – today and in the future.”

Interested attendees can get started by going to

Rev1 Ventures

Rev1 Ventures accelerates innovation with connections and capital that help entrepreneurs build high-growth tech companies in software, healthcare, and more. Its venture studio platform serves entrepreneurs at their earliest stages while aligning with corporate and research partners to validate customers, build teams, and access funding. Rev1 is changing the equation for startup success and putting Central Ohio on the map as one of the fastest-growing innovation ecosystems in the country. For more information, visit

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