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ACA Accredited Platforms Membership

ACA welcomes the opportunity to connect with technology platforms made up of exclusively accredited investors (“Accredited Platforms”) to join ACA through a new & unique membership option in support of our mission to “fuel the success of angel groups and accredited investors in high growth early stage ventures.” Given the unique structure and purpose of accredited investment platforms, this membership opportunity blends significant value for platform leadership with an option for individual platform members to engage through discounted individual membership.

This opportunity is designed to connect the growing ACA member network with a variety of opportunities for deals and peer exchange.  We look forward to working with you. The annual cost of an ACA accredited platform membership is $5000. 

Please note that ACA is not a source of capital or able to provide referrals to investors.

Accredited Platform Membership Benefits

Through ACA Accredited Platform Membership, ACA works to provide significant value to Accredited Platform Members by:

  • Fostering additional exposure and deeper connectivity to established angel groups and affiliates, thereby furthering deal flow and syndication opportunities for all members
  • Increasing the voice of Accredited Platforms within the full spectrum of angel investment to ensure that the full voice of angel investors is heard and addressed in public policy
  • Furthering access to a broad range of resources to Accredited Platform leadership, and additionally a subset of benefits are available to Accredited Platform Investor members.

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Accredited Platform Membership Criteria & How to Apply

The ACA Membership Committee has created the Accredited Platform application to serve as the portal to request membership in ACA.  Once the online application is completed, membership is activated upon review and acceptance by the ACA membership committee and & receipt of annual dues payment received by ACA:

Please review ACA accredited platform membership criteria before completing.

  • STEP ONE: Complete the membership application, answering all data fields in the document regarding membership criteria including description of your process to screen the investors who participate on your platform.
  • STEP TWO: ACA will follow up with any questions we may have and then notify of acceptance outcome.
  • STEP THREE: Once accepted, you will receive an ACA membership dues invoice for $5000. 
  • STEP FOUR: The ACA accredited platform membership will be activated up receipt of the annual dues.  Sarah Dickey will then confirm your access to the ACA Members Only Web site.


ACA Accredited Platforms Membership Application

Please feel free to contact Sarah Dickey if you would like a paper version of the accredited platform application complete with criteria & terms.