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How does a new angel gain the tools they need to make smart investments?  Great education is one of the best ways for angel groups and platforms to attract and retain members, and help new angels write checks. ACA now offers learning tracks, created for members to introduce accredited investors to the fundamentals of angel investing so they can start smart.  Workshop offerings are designed to fit the needs and format preferences of members and member organizations. 

In each workshop, your angel group or platform members will learn about the benefits of becoming an angel and the main processes top angels use. Session options range from an instructor led half-day program with highly qualified lead instructors to self-delivered curriculum options using ACA’s easy tools.  Participate in discussions, learning and networking with new and experienced angels, and gain knowledge about the startup ecosystem.  Help your member angels build confidence to make well-informed decisions.

What is the value for me or my angel group?

  • Use as tool to attract and retain member angels to your group
  • Educate new members on the basics and smart practices of angel investing
  • Get tools and presentations you can easily use in your community

Which workshop is right for me and my group?

ACA offers four module options to fit the needs of your group!  From a half-day, instructor led workshop to a one-hour, on-demand webinar, we have programs designed to fit the preferences for you or your angel organization. 

Educational Programs for ACA Members Only
Educational Workshop Available to Members and Non-Members

A Conversation with ACA Instructors on Fundamentals of Angel Investing – one-hour webinar

Experienced angel investors and instructors for the four-hour workshhop Marcia Dawood and Bill Payne lead this informative, on-demand webinar to share what they wish they had known in their early investing days.  Learn about what works and what doesn’t to increase the odds of successful angel returns and bring more clarity to the process. 

This webinar is free for ACA members and is available any time, at the angel’s convenience.  It is a great tool to help newer group members to gain confidence, understand angel investing and get started in a smart way!   There is a small charge for non-members.

Access the Webinar

(Non-Members interested in the webinar, please contact Heather Krejci)

ACA is pleased to announce Seraf as ACA’s education partner.